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Dario Vigil

General Manager

Dario Vigil is a seasoned restaurant manager whose journey from the vibrant streets of Miami to the historic avenues of Charleston has shaped his approach to hospitality in profound ways.

Dario’s career has taken him through the corridors of some of the world’s most renowned dining establishments, from the chic ambiance of Casa Tua in South Beach to the timeless allure of The Surf Club in Surfside. Reflecting on his experiences, Dario shares, “These are magical places where guests come for special occasions and particular celebrations, intending to share a moment of joy and happiness.” It’s an understanding that hospitality isn’t just about serving food—it’s about crafting unforgettable memories.

With a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences and a commitment to timeless elegance, he continues to elevate the art of dining, one guest at a time.